Friday, August 10, 2018

Leave politics at home

As I think about the new school year, I am thinking that I will leave politics at home.

During the school day I will focus on my students' needs, challenges, and potential as I work on my own and with colleagues to do what we can to teach well.

The day is busy and when we get involved with issues outside of our day-to-day realm and a few other sundry thoughts and share, we lose focus with regard to what's most important.

While I believe teachers do have to be political to forward what we can do with and for students and families, I believe that politics don't belong in the elementary school house.

We teach political processes, government, and social studies in ways that exemplifies the truth of the matter and with the best possible ideals. This helps students to understand our government and country's history, and sets the stage for their political activity and contribution as active citizens later on.