Monday, August 13, 2018

A New Chapter Begins

In so many ways this week marks the start of a new chapter.

A chapter that includes a young son going off to his freshman year of college.

A chapter that marks new mother-daughter-relative adventures that find us discovering all kinds of interesting places to visit and spend good times together.

A chapter that marks my continued quest to make my home as simple as possible so that I live up to the statement, less things more time.

A chapter that finds me following my sons' lead more than leading them.

A chapter that takes me a few steps back in some arenas so that I can move forward towards other destinations.

The key is to keep the focus and meet the requirements of this new chapter--requirements that include a focus on:
  • optimal student-teacher-colleague-family collaboration in my professional sphere
  • digging deep into STEAM teaching
  • the latest brain research related to teaching and learning well
  • embedding SEL into the curriculum
  • apt political contribution, research, and efforts to work for a better America, one that provides life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all, not some.
It's an exciting chapter, and this week marks an important start.