Sunday, March 04, 2018

What brings you joy?

As I think of living today, I am thinking about joy.

My brother spent a lot of time doing the things that brought him joy--I want to do the same.

When we are living in ways that bring us true joy, we are probably living in good harmony with whom we are and what we desire to be?

That prompts me to think about the question, What brings me joy?

Sometimes we get too mired in our responsibilities and what we think we have to do rather than what we want to do and what brings us joy. Of course there is a good balance here, but for today I am focused on the joy and what creates that deep sends of joy in my life each day.

The extra early morning help sessions at school bring me joy because it's a relaxed time that children choose to be apart of. As children make choices and relax into those choices, I can hear their happy talking, questioning, and collaborations. This is such a simple and meaningful time, a time that brings me joy.

Observing children in any event brings me joy. I love their sense of wonder and lively, honest spirits at play.

Spending time with my small immediate family brings me joy. I love to share a good meal or good time with them.

Watching a really good movie, reading a great book, writing, drawing, and exploring new places in nature or museums bring me joy.

Talking about life's questions with friends bring me joy.

Working towards meeting a challenge is a joyful act too.

This chapter of life is a chapter of ponder and response as there's lots of life happening all around me, life that requires more of my presence and less of my leadership. It will be interesting to see where this next chapter leads me as it's one chapter for which I don't have a lot of strong beliefs about where it should go--it's probably the most open chapter of my life to date. Let's see what happens.