Saturday, March 03, 2018

That doesn't belong on social media

A friend said to me the other day, "That doesn't belong on social media." I thought about his comment and replied, "If it's respectful, I believe that it's up to an individual what he/she puts on social media--no one has to read it."

That is how I feel about social media. I believe, as one of my brother's says, it's a modern day highway that everyone is welcome to drive should they want to. There's no obligation to be involved, yet there is an unwritten rule similar to societal constructs that one should be respectful and considerate. Of course, what constitutes "respectful and considerate" will differ from individual to individual and that's where the public discussion, response, and debate come in. We will check each other in this regard and figure out what's acceptable and not. We show our approval or disproval in how we respond and whether we read a post or not.

This is a good topic to debate with students and others as we continue this fairly new social media construct in society. Onward.