Thursday, March 08, 2018


Mainly it's the unsexy issues of the day that spell good living.

The sexy issues such as lewd photos, profane statements, slick soundbites, outlandish affairs, espionage, lies, and deceit attract the most primitive aspects of our humanity--we are intrigued when the President of the United States acts like a backyard bully and seemingly tries to quiet a porn star that he supposedly had relations with. Millions of Americans follow the daily highs and lows of reality television stars that demonstrates the most base aspects of our humanity such as loud arguments, unorthodox behavior, and breaking long held social mores. When we support this kind of behavior with our time and money, we elevate our primitive selves over our more intellectual and human selves.

The President of the United States is a slick marketeer, who according to a magazine article, would read Hitler's speeches at night to learn how to use propaganda to get what he wants. He knows that people, in general, have a short attention span and that they will not read the long articles, research, and details related to his acts or the acts of any other. He understands that people will be intrigued by exaggeration and will believe pretty much anything that is said if it is said at the right time and place and with the right tone and words. He uses slick sound bites, acts, and associations to promote his point of view as well as to pad his pocketbook. He's a master manipulator, and so far, has used his power to do exactly what he wants with little true challenge, though many are trying to combat his fearsome force.

While many do not think of our @potus as sexy, they do find the world he creates to be sexy including his wife and daughter who have looks that are well regarded, his lavish lifestyle, his many love affairs, the money, and the power.

Meanwhile there are many who have worked their entire lives to do good with issues that are considered unsexy--these are issues related to the environment, education, health care, diplomacy, peace, and opportunity. These are deep issues that require good research, collaboration, discussion, and debate -- these are issues where there are no easy answers, and issues that require some sacrifice too in order to provide opportunity for many.

It's easy to support wealthy investors, businesspeople, and leaders since those people have multiple layers of support who can carry out their desires and advocacy. It's much more difficult to support the many who are working hard every day just to pay their bills and care for their loved ones--these people, the 99%, don't have the luxury of house cleaners, secretaries, fat bank accounts, big investments, lots of real estate, and power that makes them noticeable and popular--instead these people need the support of law makers, leaders, and others to obtain equal access to education, health care, recreation, jobs, and a clean environment.

When the 99% have opportunity and equitable services, our country and world are stronger. When all people have the chance to live with "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," the entire world is more peaceful, happy, and positive, but on the other hand when good living is reserved for only a few, that's when we see greater violence, hate, and despair.

As a people, we have to fight against our basic instincts to spend a lot of time on seemingly sexy issues that intrigue us, and work together on those unsexy issues that truly lay a foundation for good living for all. We need to turn away from the many marketeers that reach out to our most primitive selves in order to elevate their own wealth and prosper, and instead turn towards the well educated, dedicated, dignified leaders who truly are invested in elevating good living for all.

I want to think about this in the days ahead, and think about how I can choose well to support and advocate for support of the values, lifestyle, constructs, communication, and acts that truly uplift people rather than the slick soundbites, disrespect, indignity, and greed that so many in the limelight like our President subscribe to and advertise daily.