Thursday, March 08, 2018

Trumpville: Short Term Gain; Long Term Loss

A friend who just received his 401K update called to say he knew why Trump would be re-elected, and then went on to tell me about the BIG gains he was making thanks to the stock market.

I replied that money won't be as satisfying once you have no clean water to drink, fertile soil to grow your food, clean air to breathe, the kind of educated, and a well cared for, and satisfied populous that spells a dynamic environment/country, and the opportunity to live freely without the threat of nuclear bombs and war.

Trump's policies are all about short term gain for some powerful people across the globe, and long term loss for everyone else as he pollutes our environment and strips essential health care, education, safety and basic needs' supports from the many. The world Trump is building is a world that makes him king and most others the serfs that live in squalor. Is this the kind of world you want for yourself and the generations that follow you?

He demonstrates little care for anyone but himself and his own needs. I spent the night reading up on his background, a story that demonstrates little care or concern for others and a story that demonstrates a dramatic desire to be powerful, a desire bread in him and his family for generations.

I am not one to strip anyone of their ambition to do well for themselves and their family, but as I always say, when ambition trumps mission, there's a problem whereas when ambition feeds mission, there is often great success.

If Trump had a mission that included the welfare of others, I would not be as concerned, but it appears that Trump's name fits him well, as in his mind and acts, his needs, desires, and wants trump everything else when he makes decisions. He wants to be king of the hill, planetary monarch, the biggest and the best--that's what matters to this man, and that's what has mattered to this man throughout his life.

Why this is true is a very intriguing question, and one that much has been written about as psychologists, historians, and others look back generations to his mom's life which started in a Scottish town, and his grandpa's success with the Alaskan gold rush. It includes his mom's Rolls Royce-powered trips to collect the coins from their many apartments' laundry machines and his dad's days at the beach hobnobbing with friends dressed in a business suit. There are his many wives and seemingly many mistresses or girlfriends and his countless business deals where he was allowed to borrow millions and millions of dollars to finance his real estate empires.

I am not a fan of Donald Trump because I believe that our good future as a global community depends on policies and actions that support dynamic, peaceful, and loving communities everywhere around the globe. I don't believe in government that pillages the many to support a few. I think that's greedy and self-serving, and I believe that leads to greater violence, hate, and distance from the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness our country is based upon.

So in summary, I ask those of you who are profiting greatly from Trump's self-serving, greedy, and seemingly lawless behavior, to look beyond your increased profits right now to what's good for all--a country that focuses on good living via a clean environment, optimal education and health care, and equitable laws and opportunity.