Friday, March 09, 2018

Looking Ahead: March 2018

Downed power lines and trees led to another snow day today. At this point, I am mixed up about when our last day of school will occur due to the unusual number of days-off so far due to weather events--it's been one of those years.

The days off have been a welcome reprieve for me due to the heavy personal and professional schedule in the last few weeks. The snow days are giving me time to catch up on lots of home and school chores.

What's tops on the agenda?

As I've mentioned a number of times, my focus is pushing in these days--pushing in to the needs at home, at school, and in the classroom. In the years ahead, I'll focus less on the greater world of education, and more on what I can do right here to forward the reading and research I do as well as the needs, interests, and passions that my family and students demonstrate. As far as the big picture of education and parenting, I'll continue to read, research, write, and advocate in ways that influence decisions and activity to well support children and everyday people. I am a strong advocate for environmental protection, peaceful communities, equitable quality health care, conditions for excellence in education, and positive proactive opportunities for all people.

This focus will require positive patterns of living, learning, and leading. These patterns will include the kinds of activities that optimize energy and positivity since I will need to be positive and full of energy to meet the focus above. This focus will also include a continued effort to simplify my surroundings with the theme, "less things, more time."

Specifically the days ahead will find me involved in the following activities at school:
  • prepping showcase portfolios with students
  • prepping student data sheets for upcoming family-student-educator conferences
  • giving students a systemwide assessment
  • teaching the fraction, algebraic thinking, measurement, and volume units
  • planning upcoming expert visitors, field studies, and special events
  • prepping math RTI materials for the team related to open response problem solving
  • beginning the global change makers project with a few students during ELA RTI
  • continuing students' physical and STEAM science study