Friday, March 23, 2018

March for Our Lives Tomorrow

This is the sign I'll march with tomorrow. 
I'm looking forward to marching in solidarity with the students of Stoneman Douglas, Sandy Hook, and everywhere else people have lost their lives or been injured by gun violence. Simply put, we simply have too many guns in the United States and not enough regulations and that's why we have so many deaths by unnecessary gun violence--gun deaths related to relationships, suicide, school shootings, domestic assault, crime, and more. Enough is enough--are we a wild west of a society or are we a civilized, caring, and creative people who can solve problems and work with one another with intelligence and sensitivity?

This march for me is also a march against all the political leaders and citizens who promote a me-first society that pads their pocketbooks with money and gives them undue power--I want a country and world culture that respects one another more and works to well support schools, health care, communities, recreation, and our environment--I don't support the war mongering, selfish, macho white male culture that Trump trumps day in and day out, this is not good for our country. Trump, in my opinion, is the hate-leader, not a graceful and dedicated President, and, in part, this march is against him and his cronies too.

In America we can do better. I honor the leadership of these young people from Parkland and look forward to marching with fellow Americans for a better country with good laws that regulate, restrict, and reduce guns and gun use in this country for the greater safety and happiness of all.

Most importantly I will march in memory of all those beautiful, wonderful people who have lost their lives by this senseless gun violence.