Thursday, March 22, 2018


There was an ebb in the busy schedule today that found the students relaxed and time to organize supplies, clean desks, and work on ongoing study. I was supposed to be at a conference today and it was cancelled, and I must say that I was happy to have the day to catch up with the students, clean up the room, and think about the weeks ahead.

I think parent conferences and portfolio review have had a positive affect on students as they were very attentive today while they completed assignments, asked questions, and even had more time for play since they completed their work with little trouble.

Tomorrow we'll continue our fraction study and engage in a wonderful Mystery Science lesson related to energy. I know the students will enjoy creating toys that are powered by energy produced by twisting elastics and then letting them go as they learn about potential and kinetic energy.

Next week includes more parent conferences, fraction study, and lots of reading too. My colleagues will engage students in social studies, science, reading and writing study as well. We're on a roll and that's nice!