Friday, March 23, 2018

Teamwork Time

There were a number of conflicts at home and at school in the past couple of weeks. Was this the result of the affect of a selfish President who hogs the airways with stories of disrespectful, self-serving, hateful acts and behavior? Could it be the result of a lingering winter? Is it the result of a more challenged culture that is feeling the affects of a widening economic gap and less interest by many lawmakers related to schools, health care, and the general well being of individuals and communities? Whatever the reasons, the conflicts emerged and it's time to talk about that.

At home we discussed the angst and have a few nice events planned to add some happiness to the busy day-to-day work schedule, and in school we also have a lot of positive events to look forward to as well as an opportunity to talk about what's important for our team today.

It's natural that teams will struggle from time to time--that's a wake-up call to discuss the situation and make better. Onward.