Sunday, March 25, 2018

Make Better

I enjoy working to make things better. I like the forward moving efforts to look deeply at a situation and think about how we can work together to make better. It's a positive and creative endeavor.

As I think about my work today, I recognize that we are working to make better at school in many ways including the following:
  • Greater cultural proficient teaching to create a more welcoming, inclusive, and dynamic teaching/learning environment.
  • Better orientation practices to welcome all learners to our teaching/learning program, and to mitigate opportunity gaps that exist.
  • Better math teaching and learning by working to include more project/problem based learning, better tech integration, learning-to-learn behaviors/mindsets, and collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • More and better hands-on, collaborative science teaching and learning.
  • Integration of worthy special events, expert visitors, and field studies to bring greater meaning and experience to the student learning.
  • Improving the learning environment to make our classrooms and spaces more welcoming and vibrant places for creativity, study, and collaboration.
  • Regular reading, research, collaboration, and advocacy to improve the program--our teaching/learning programs are not perfect and there's a lot more we can do, but those efforts require a collaborative effort, research, advocacy, and support to move forward.
So happy that my boys made the time to march with me and so many
others yesterday to advocate for positive gun reforms at
A March For Our Lives.
In all, we're doing a good job with good support to teach students well and to continually work to improve our programs.

So as I think of making better today, my thoughts and ideas move to the political realm and how I can use my voice and energy to help build better communities, states, nation, and world. What can I do. First, I need to learn what I can about how to build this work for positive effect. I'll begin with learning more about how to help promote voting--I want all who can to vote. I believe the more voices represented, the better we'll do with the selection of leaders and the creation of laws and policies. Only about 1/3 of registered voters voted Trump into office--I don't think he would be President today if many more people voted as he only represents the desires and advantages of a few. He doesn't well represent the needs of many particularly many from diverse cultures, shades, and gender--Trump mostly supports those that look and act like him. 

So I'll continue to work with colleagues to do what we can to continually improve the school program so that we can meet as many students needs and interests as possible, and then I'll work towards learning more about governmental processes and people so that my advocacy for better can be well directed. We can do better, and that takes a united, collaborative front. That's what I'm thinking about today.