Sunday, March 25, 2018

Why Trump is a Lousy President

Trump is a lousy president.

He's Not a Role Model
First of all he is not a role model for our children, our civility, and our national values. He continually calls people names, blames others, doesn't take responsibility, and does not work with intelligence, good process, accurate data, or vision to solve important problems.

He Doesn't Care About the Environment
Next, he does not show care or concern for environmental issues, and all the world's people depend on a healthy environment for good living. He is not working to protect clean water, clean air, and clean soil, and we all depend on that for healthy living.

He Does Not Support Public Education
And, he does not care about or value education for the country's children. Instead he chose a Secretary of Education who has little to no experience with schools and demonstrates little investment in developing and supporting public schools, students, educators, or families. Instead she seems to support private gain from public monies and support for her own narrow religious views as forwarded by privatized schools.

He Steals From the Poor to Give to the Rich
He has supported big tax cuts for the wealthiest rather than fair taxation of all citizens to support needed public monies to elevate health care, education, infrastructure, environmental supports, the arts, recreation, and opportunity for all Americans. He appears to only lead for people that look and act like him--wealthy white men who lead for their own self/wealth.

His Words Don't Match His Actions - Untrustworthy
Trump alines himself with the Christian right yet his apparent relationships, business dealings, political supports, policy decisions, and recreation does not seem to support what we consider true Christian values. What bothers me here most is that Trump appears to talk-the-talk, but not walk-the-walk. His words do not appear to match his actions.

Incites Global Disharmony
Trump appears to incite global fraction and discord rather than work for harmony and global partnerships. His tweets and leadership provide little evidence that he supports peace over war. He seems to glorify acts of aggression and partnerships with destructive regimes and leaders around the world. He is a worrisome global leader.

Puts Self/Wealth Ahead of Country/People
Trump also appears to put his own self/wealth ahead of the needs and best interests of the country. He rewards family members and friends with little governmental or leadership experience with important decision making roles. He mixes his presidential duties and advantages with his private business efforts and profit.

Lack of Intelligence, Good Process, and Experts in Decision Making
Trump also appears to use little intelligence, experts or good process when it comes to big, important decisions. Instead of surrounding himself with a diverse group of skilled experts, he surrounds himself with people that think and act like him creating a dangerous echo chamber. His White House has had little stability and lots of questionable ethics and acts. He doesn't appear to consult past practice, data, evidence, experts, and good process when making decisions--he appears to act with old think, rash behavior, and self-serving decision making.

It is not an easy job to be President of the United States, but Trump, in my opinion, scores very low with regard to doing this job well. He appears to be short sighted with regard to what is most important to our country's future, and he appears to choose for self rather than the people of our country. I still have much to learn about Trump and the presidency, but I doubt I will change my mind that Trump is a lousy president--an eyesore in the American story.