Saturday, March 24, 2018

Moving In and Out: The Education Path Continues

The next few years of teaching will find me moving in and out. I will move in to better and better service for each and every child and better collaboration with each and every colleague. My final years will find me committed to the work I can do with and for the students in my midst. I will stay abreast of the research via the Internet and selected conferences, and use my blog as a way of sharing my research, efforts, questions, and advocacy.

There's a part of me that wonders, "Am I giving up?" as I watch new initiatives and efforts grow up and around me. But I recognize that the answer is no as my energy is called to serve specific children in this environment I've chosen to support. My greatest gifts and abilities aren't meant for conference presentations, speeches, and leading large groups of teachers, but instead centered on bettering what I can do in the microsphere of education--the day-in-day-out work with children. That's my call and my aim.

For years I've reached out and around in education by connecting to many in multiple realms. I've learned a lot and my teaching has improved. Now, however, I am surrounded by young, eager educators who are bringing their passions, interests, vision to the field, and I want to listen and support what they see and aim for. I also want to be there for them if I have the answers they seek or the help that they need.

In the years beyond education, I'll use my child-like curiosity and view to examine the world around me, research, read, write, and create--I'm not exactly sure where that will take me, but I'm excited about the journey. Onward.