Thursday, February 22, 2018

Where's Your Evidence? Prove Your Point!

Good work depends on good analysis.

To analyze efforts well leads us to better endeavor.

As people argue and debate the gun violence issue with multiple sound bites, I find myself looking for the research to truly understand what can make a difference in this regard.

Unfortunately, our President jumps to the sound bit answers right away demonstrating no proof that he's looked at the research, considered the options, analyzed the evidence, and consulted the experts. Instead he uses his skill as a marketeer and evokes emotions in Americans with multiple scary, exciting, and sometimes enticing sound bites, quick responses that advertise a quick macho fix to a deep problem.

Problem solving doesn't work that way. Problems are solved when there's good intention, consult, research, analysis, continued review, and assessment. Problems aren't solved by the quick fixes that can be easily and emotionally shared through advertising techniques.

All Americans, including me, have to read more, analyze better, and seek to work with others to find the best solutions to problems that impact the lives of our family members, friends, colleagues, community members, and fellow citizens. Problem solving is serious work that has tremendous potential when done well.

Don't be fooled by the slick sound bites and emotional exaggerations that are not born out of good analysis, intent, or research, but instead meant to trick, play, and fool people into supporting narrow vision and single objectives that are usually tied to the popularity and wealth of message creator/sender.