Thursday, February 22, 2018

Making Advocacy Visible

How can you make your advocacy for a better America visible? What can you do?

I made a short list, and now I'm going to get more specific:

Get more involved with my state and local union to make positive change and development so that educators have what they need to teach every child well in safe, positive, uplifting educational environments. I will begin by reading their postings, attending their meetings, following their lead, and joining other members in solidarity to stand up for what matters with regard to a high quality education for every child as well as strong, successful public schools in every community. At the local level I'll continue to serve on our local union board and work specifically to keep the website updated and to update our local union's bylaws.

Back positive politicians who work for the rights, opportunity, respect, and freedom for all. I will research this more during the summer, and get involved with a few politicians who are doing the hard work to make our country a positive place to live for all people.

Work to promote a positive, uplifting academic program for my students. I will work with my colleagues to do what we can to continually develop the teaching/learning program with research-based efforts to engage, empower, and educate every child. For now that means carrying out the expected plans to teach science and math well while also incorporating new efforts that are supported by grants to uplift students' environmental education and culturally proficient programming.

Collaborate with all stakeholders to continue to develop dynamic learning communities within and outside of school.  Fortunately I work with a dedicated group of educators, family members, and students in my school community, and I will continue these efforts as we continue to elevate what we can do in the school community to serve students well. 

Speak up against the selfishness, greed, back-vision, narrow outlook of our current president and many politicians to foster better leadership for our country and world. I will make time to do the research and then speak out against policies and people that continually work against environmental protection, integral social services, optimal health care and education, and equal opportunity. I will research the facts and figures that point to the greed, selfishness, prejudice, and narrow vision that so many of our leaders display and forward today. 

Continue to learn about, engage with, and publicize policies and possibilities that hold promise for a better America and world. There are so many intelligent, committed, and positive experts out there who have dedicated their lives to understanding specific issues such as the effects of gun violence. As time permits, I will continue to learn about the work of these people, people like those involved in @sandyhook promise and other efforts, and then work to elevate their work and impact in ways that matter. To think that our own government leaders will not fund CDC studies of gun violence in order to placate their NRA affiliations is unthinkable and detrimental to all. This is the kind of greed I want to work against. 

Contribute to organizations that promote positive, life enriching development and change. I want to look carefully at our family budget and think about who we will support and how we will do this. I want our hard earned dollars to be used, in part, to support efforts that matter. That's why I donated to the NEA's and Stoneman Douglas's efforts to stop the gun violence by bringing attention to needed regulations, reductions, and restrictions related to guns. 

Spend time and energy supporting positive, proactive, honest individuals and organizations who demonstrate integrity and commitment to good living and contribution. There are so many people out there doing what is right and good all the time, and I want to steer my time, energy, and support in their direction. 

Disengage with and speak out against those who continually promote negativity, lethargy, disrespect, and disinterest in positive endeavor and efforts, selfish individuals and organizations who do little to promote what is positive and possible. There are people in our midst who continually dismiss, disrespect, and demean others. These are typically selfish people who think that the only way they can rise is to step on and diminish others. These are people who name call and trick people to get their way--they are mostly secretive and not forthcoming with regard to what they do and why they do it. I need to stay away from these individuals as much as possible as they do nothing but lead us down paths we don't want to go.