Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tomorrow Starts the Next Leg of the School Year: February 2018

Tomorrow we'll be back to school. It's been mostly a work-related vacation with lots of home-work and a bit of school work too. Nevertheless it was good to have the time to attend to multiple tasks that had been sitting in the waiting room for some time.

Tomorrow when we return to school, we'll focus on the following:
  • Engagement in a cultural performance that will broaden students' awareness and knowledge of the world around them.
  • A chance to reflect on the learning during the last math unit by completing a reflection sheet and adding that sheet and the recent assessment to student portfolios.
  • An opportunity to sharpen colored pencils and organize math supplies as we ready for the next unit of study.
In addition students will attend music class where the are beginning to prepare for the spring fifth grade play and hopefully, if the weather permits, have some fun time to play with each other out on the recess fields.

This is a mostly skills-focused leg of the school year, one that students are ready for as we invest in term two with strength and commitment. Onward.