Sunday, February 25, 2018

When Time Stands Still

Time doesn't stand still in my life too often. Typically it's one foot in front of the other with a long to-do list to follow.

Yet, today, due to circumstances out of my control, time is standing still. I can't really think beyond the moment as I'm involved in a waiting game with no idea what will happen. The last time I experienced this was waiting for my third child to be born. Those last few weeks before a baby is born is often what I call "no man's land" - a place where you simply don't know what's going to happen--What will the birth be like? What will the baby be like? How will it happen?

So what do you when time stands still? It's a time to be more quiet, more thoughtful, more reflective, and less in control--it's the time when you realize more specifically that you're part of this giant puzzle called life, a puzzle of usual patterns and a puzzle of mystery too.

These "time stand still moments" are not the most comfortable for a person like me, yet they are not so bad either. We all need these times to recognize the sanctity, complexity, and seemingly serendipity of life. So as I did when my third child was about to arrive, I'll just give into this and let life lead me ahead. Onward.