Friday, February 23, 2018

A Good America: We Can Do Better

A good America is a country that looks out for life today and life tomorrow with an eye on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every American.

Health Care
More and better is the way to go when it comes to health care. We should afford every American the best quality of health care possible. This will cost money--money to afford that health care for all, money for prevention, and money to train wonderful health care professionals. This includes dental care and mental health care too.

One big problem we face today is that too many Americans are satisfied with slick sound bites and the voice and choice of manipulative marketeers. To truly uplift our country, we need to uplift education. Massachusetts has been a leader in education. With a strong department of education and teachers' union, there have been substantial good decisions and directions forged in education in this state. A well educated populous will make good decisions for all, decisions that profit from reading, research, analysis, expert consultation, and collaboration. This is vital when it comes to a good America.

We are a country full of wonderful natural resources and we have to treat these natural resources like the gold that they are. To misuse and mismanage these wonderful resources spell disaster for our country. Right now many administrators like @POTUS seek short term financial gain for themselves and cronies rather than protect and promote our wonderful natural resources--this is greedy, selfish, and short sighted with regard to a good America.

The CDC does good research as does so many of our wonderful universities and research organizations. This research points the way to greater safety and good living for all. We can't ignore this research, and we can't halt more research. We need that kind of thoughtful, intelligent, scientific work to make safer communities for all. Right now many administrators don't care about the safety of most Americans, and choose instead to protect the safety of their families and cronies. And by not choosing the safety for all, they increase their wealth and power too. This is greedy and selfish and not what we need when it comes to developing a good America.

Values: Take Care of Children, The Elderly, and the Most Vulnerable Amongst Us
In so many ways in our nation today, we are not looking out for the needs of children, the elderly, and our most vulnerable citizens. Everywhere we look, we see evidence of this, and to make a good America, we need to look out for these citizens and do all we can to uplift their lives. When the weakest amongst us is well supported, our country is stronger. This is critical when it comes to a good America.

Modernization Can Result in Betterment for All
Take modernization seriously and do it in conjunction with environmental protection and human dignity. To be modern doesn't mean we have to be less human, instead to be modern means that we can use new technology to reflect respect and support for human dignity and good living. We don't have to rape and pillage the environment to live well. We don't have to let some rise up while others are left behind for a good America. We can look at issues deeply and support streams of positive change that include good research, expert consultation, debate, collaboration, and intelligent decision making.

This is a turning point in our country. We are all challenged by a greedy, selfish, and untrustworthy administration who utilizes demeaning comments, slick sound bites, little research or analysis, and self-serving policies/decisions to lead our country. This is a giant overcorrection that will hopefully wake up all 323,000,000 Americans so that they use their voices to stand up for what is right and good so that all Americans have the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Don't stay silent, and commit to advocacy in some way now to support a good America.