Friday, February 23, 2018

Impatient for Change, But We Can Do Better

When I see a problem and recognize a solution, I become impatient for change. I want it now. However, change, no matter how good it is, takes time.

Especially today when we have a seemingly greedy and selfish POTUS and #GOP administrative team, we have to be thoughtful and patient with regard to change even though the impetus for change is great.

There will always be problems in life, the worst thing we can do is ignore those problems. It is also not such a great idea to be impatient either as impatience can sometimes lead us too fast with change ideas, and those ideas may not be the result of good research, analysis, expert consultation, and collaboration.

So what are average citizens to do in the face of big problems that affect their lives and livelihood?

I keep referring to Timothy D. Snyder's book, On Tyranny, because he clearly demonstrates what average citizens should do and why we must act to keep our democracy strong. Taking care of our democracy has to become a daily effort by every American--all 323,000,000 of us if we want a strong community.

Join Unions and Other Political Advocacy Groups
As Snyder suggests, we have to join unions and other strong organizations to build our collective voice, rights, and capacity--without strong, collective organizations, average Americans won't have the voices and power they need to promote the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans. So I suggest that you join your union, read their reports, and join in their advocacy when and how you can to support the good life for all Americans, not just a few wealthy and powerful Americans who sit at the top with regard to power and money.

Read the Research; Become Informed
We also have to consult the research. Those at the top who care only for themselves and their cronies, don't want you to know the truth, and they don't want you to read the research, analyze, and consult experts who have spent their lives dedicated to issues that plague us. As Snyder suggests we need to take the time to become informed, and not be satisfied with slick sound bites and disrespectful tweets alone.

Know that Problems will Always Exist
My impatience leads me to want to solve the problems right now, but the reality is that problems will always exist. When one goes, another will come. Hence problem solving with the goal of good living is a lifelong effort so it needs to be part of your everyday activity and effort. How do you fit good citizenship into your daily routine--what do you do? These are some efforts I'll continue to take part in.
  • Read a reliable news source(s) every day. Know what's going on.
  • Listen to reliable news shows daily. Stay informed.
  • Join Twitter and follow good Americans. Block those that demean others and fill Twitter with slick sound bites instead of good links and research. When you establish a reliable, respectful, and intelligent Twitter PLN, you have a daily connection to good minds, advocacy, research, and information. 
  • Converse, discuss, and debate with friends, family members, and others. Make sure that you are getting out there and discussing the issues in public forums. Be open to new ideas and willing to change your mind when new information moves you in that direction.
  • Forward positive initiatives and actions at home, in your work place, and in the community that will elevate the way we live and work with each other.
  • Have an eye on the future, and do what you can to make a good future for generations to come. 
We All Have to Do Our Part
Don't let a few Americans choose for all 323,000,000 Americans. In the last election less than 1/3 of the voters chose President Trump and now he has tremendous power over all 323,000,000 Americans--is this the kind of country we want, or do we want a country where the majority has substantial voice and choice over what happens. Encourage your family members, neighbors, and friends to register and ready to vote. Do the same. I know we can do better.