Tuesday, February 20, 2018


When you feel squeezed it's time to do something differently.

While raising young children and working full-time I was squeezed all the time. In hindsight, I wish I knew how to change the schedule to diminish that squeezed feeling. Looking back I wouldn't change what I did with and for my children, husband, students, and extended family, but I would lessen the expectations I put on myself for other efforts--efforts that created that squeezed feeling.

Now I know when that squeezed feeling starts to emerge. It's a feeling that you simply don't have the space or time you need to be your best self. When you start to feel it, it's time to make change.

We all have different squeeze quotients. Some of us require substantial space and alone time while others need far less. Some of us need specific locales too with regard to not being squeezed or squished--some spaces bring more peace and harmony than others.

Identifying the squeeze means you have time to make change or forge through it if it's worth it, and sometimes you do forge through because your sacrifice of time or effort is exactly what you need to do.