Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Trump Show: Sounds Bites and Sensationalism

We can't forget that above all Trump is a marketeer whose mission is to put himself at center stage while increasing his wealth. He has little concern for most people and makes his decisions based on what will elevate his popularity and pocketbook. Nothing else matters.

He is shortsighted always looking for the quick fix and fast results with little regard for long term impact or harm. For example he'll do what he can to increase profits with little care about what that his decisions will do to our environment long term. Rather than study the issue of school shooting to see where and why this happens or put smart people who understand the issue well in charge, he simply finds a sensational solution that supports his NRA cronies which is to arm educators and militarize schools.

Trump doesn't really care about public schools or the children in those schools since he's done nothing to support those schools or teachers since he took office, and of course, his own children go to wealthy private schools.

A successful presidency to Trump is one where he is adored by many and profits greatly. He appears to have no deep allegiance to any cause other than his own pocketbook and popularity and the wealth and popularity of a few family members and cronies too.

I listened to his Parkland listening session, I was dismayed since he gave little real attention to students with good ideas and heartbreaking stories, but instead took considerable time to speak about his idea of arming teachers and militarizing schools--an NRA friendly idea, and an idea that will probably increase his NRA support in dollars, advertisements, and more.

To have Trump as President is to be part of a daily reality show where he trumps-up all that works to increase his popularity and wealth with little compassion, empathy, care, concern, creativity, or intelligence related to ideas and leadership that will really make our country strong.

He is so disrespectful to most of us, and this is disheartening each and every day.