Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Getting Better and Improving Practice

Since I'll be focused on a lot of somewhat mindless tasks today, I wanted to give my mind something to think about as as I complete those tasks. What I'm focused on is what I can do to get better with regard to my professional practice--where is there room for growth?

I reviewed my 2017-2018 goals and actions, and my colleagues and I are on track in this regard. Further we have a very full agenda for the second half of the school year and the objective is to stay the well planned course.

As far as improvement, the big goal is paying attention to each and every child which means listening to their stories, hearing their needs, providing a good, positive teaching/learning structure, and nurturing them in every way possible. Overall the students are very happy and they are making progress--this is positive. The teaching team has hit our stride and staying the course with utmost sensitivity and attention to every child is the direction ahead.

We'll also begin to collect notes on our shared news Google site with regard to what we need and want to do next year, a course that will likely include the following:
  • new social studies standards
  • finesse and development of this year's new science standards-based units
  • continued development of the math curriculum including the following:
    • refinement of online tests
    • inclusion of performance assessments for many units
    • floor-to-ceiling explorations and unit study beginning with geometry and measurement
    • finesse of start-of-the-year culturally proficient, team building math activities
  • Re-Looking at SEL and noting how we might integrate those efforts more into the curriculum projects and activities in order to fit this important learning in more. We already do this but we don't always acknowledge this connection.