Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Be Strong for Others

How can you be strong for others, and why is that important?

There are times in life when you have what you need and a little more. That's when it's time to be strong for others. Unfortunately that's not always the case as there are other times when you are at your max, and there's little extra to give which can often be stressful.

There is much you can do to be strong for others.

Take Care of Your Health
The healthier you are, the more you can give. For some, they have little control over this, but for others, we have considerable control. Eating well, staying active, getting enough sleep, and living well increases health, and better health means you have more to give.

Live Below Your Means
When you live below your means, you may have a few extra dollars when needs strike. On the other hand, when you stretch what you have to live beyond your means, you're often challenging your capacity and ability to be there for those you love.

Less Things More Time
When you have too many material things, those things take up too much time. If you have few things, you have more time, and when you have more time, you can give more.

Lifelong Learning
Increasing your capacity to help out and give by learning and gaining more expertise in all areas of life allows you to give more. Of course you can't be an expert at all things, but you can choose a few areas to develop so that you have something of worth to share with others.

Listen and Be Present
Often what's needed most is simply to be there and to listen. Typically people can help themselves and identify their own paths better if they have close family members, friends, or colleagues who are willing to listen to them.

Recognize that You Don't Know it All
Life is a mystery and none of us have the monopoly on knowing how to live. Instead it takes our synergy of ideas and efforts to reach good directions and destinations.

There is great satisfaction to being strong for others, and to do that requires intentional living, making the kind of choices that increase our capacity and ability to give. I'll be thinking about this today.