Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Supporting System Strength

I have noted a number of positive developments in the system where I teach, developments that I believe will improve the teaching/learning for all students and educators.

First, our new superintendent is responsive. He responds to questions and emails. He's creating greater pathways for voice and choice of all stakeholders. He's looking at the big picture and working to define a few holistic, positive goals for everyone in the system to get engaged in. This is all positive and serves to build a more inclusive teaching/learning community as well as greater distributive leadership. I want to support this growth in every way possible. I am delighted to see this after many years of craving and advocating for movement in this direction, a direction that is highly supported by the research.

Next, educators are becoming more vocal and sharing more. This too is positive. It's common for educators to seek answers and ask questions using the Internet as a dynamic resource in this regard. I like this growth mindset as it creates a more dynamic learning/teaching community.

Our outreach to families remains strong and our ability to team with families continues to make our teaching/learning community a top-notch teaching learning community.

Further our local union president works tirelessly to listen to educators and respond with accuracy and depth. Her investment in educators is also serving to uplift educators' confidence, investment, and leadership. I am thankful for this intelligent, forward thinking, and dedicated leadership.

In general, I am very pleased with the changes that are occurring within our system. I am delighted to do what I can to support this movement to a more distributive, inclusive, research-based, and student-centered learning/teaching approach. Good News!