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Friday, January 12, 2018

What's On Your Mind?

I like to work on a number of considerations at all times. For example, I typically have a half dozen new ideas that I'm working on in my mind as I'm carrying out the day-to-day tasks, tasks that have been thought through and are now actively in place. For example all fall, I had the new science unit on my mind, but now that unit is happening--it's in the active phase so I'll follow the order set and analyze and improve as the unit is rolled out.

Other work in the active phase includes the division unit, reading RTI group, progress reports, and classroom routines and organization. There are initiatives in the waiting room too. For example I applied to present at the ATMIM spring math conference, and I'm waiting to hear if my proposal was accepted or not. If accepted, I'll start prepping, and if not accepted I'll simply ask for the day so that I can attend the math teaching/learning event. I'm also waiting to hear about a number of other initiatives, some of which I've applied for and others which I'm hoping to sign up. And in the think room or consideration space are the following ideas.

New Routine
While I've updated the school routine, now I'd like to update the overall work-home routine. There's some opportunity to make positive updates in this regard, updates supported by time and resources.

In that new routine, I want to make time for deeper reading. I've got a mental list of some great books and I'd like make the time to read and think about those books.

Local Museums, Theater, Nature Preserves
There's always great inspiration in spaces like these, and I'd like to make more time to visit places like this near and far.

Summer Fun and Recreation
I typically spend time in the cold winter months planning a few great summer adventures. I enjoy the research almost as much as the adventures.

There's a number of celebrations in the next few months, and I find that the older I get, the more I enjoy celebrating the special moments in people's lives.