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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tomorrow: 1/12/18

It's been an afternoon of big ideas, and tomorrow I'll be working with the day-to-day events of learning and teaching. What will we do?

Biography Project
We'll spend our PLC focused on the annual biography project, a wonderful signature event that's a terrific interdisciplinary learning event that elevates every child's knowledge and confidence.

Math Quizzes
Students will take a host of relatively short math quizzes in the morning to let us know where they are with some specific skills. That will inform our mid-year progress reports.

Students are working on a number of projects including a Matter/Energy presentation, Ice orb cartoons, math practice/enrichment exercises, writing pieces, and coding. During workshop they'll work on these projects.

High School Research Project
High schoolers will visit the school and conduct focus groups with elementary students related to advertising and marketing. The elementary school students are always inspired when the high school students visit, and the high school students are always humbled and inspired by the work they do with the elementary students too.

Math Planning Meeting
We have a meeting planned to discuss our efforts related to math teaching and learning with regard to specific students.

Ice Orbs with Kindergartners
During our buddy time, we'll help kindergartner students make ice orbs and hide them in cold places. Our class ice orb study resulted in some beautiful ice orbs, some partially frozen orbs, and some orbs that were still liquid. This made us think a lot about where heat exists and where it doesn't exist, and why some water balloons froze and why others didn't. We'll continue this study with our kindergarten buddies tomorrow.