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Friday, January 12, 2018

Invest Your Time in What You Believe In

I know, I know--I write about this often, however, the writing helps to right my road and keep me focused. There are so many temptations to get off track in schools, so many initiatives that are not as important as others, and educators have to be strong to stay the good road of teaching and learning, a road that requires prioritization and a strong sense of what matters.

So as I navigate the road again amongst a zillion invitations to get off track, I'm focused on the following:

  • Local union website, note taking, teamwork, learning.
  • State union professional learning and advocacy for what's best for students, schools, and learning
  • Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Teachers Advisory Council efforts, contribution, and share. 
  • Math education: a steadily deepening program that serves all students well with research-based, student-friendly modern approaches to teaching and learning math
  • Science learning: hands-on, engaging activities that bring the science standards to life, encourage creativity and curiosity,  and allow students to learn and experience what it is that scientists do. 
  • Reading instruction that helps students to understand the many ways that we can make sense of and enjoy texts in multiple genres.
  • Writing/Social Studies: supporting grade-level projects and learning in these areas.
  • Engaging, holistic fifth grade program: supporting a grade-level program that is engaging, empowering, and educational.
  • Positive home-school balance
  • Professional Learning: courses, presentations, books, online share/research, collegial share and creativity
I want to keep this list handy so that I can resist the many temptations that exist to get off track--onward.