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Saturday, January 13, 2018

ReCertification: Thoughtful and Targeted Professional Development

I spent several hours this morning reviewing what constitutes the appropriate professional development process and Professional Development Points (PDPs) for a Massachusetts educator's recertification. I noticed that the documents for this have been updated.

After that I reviewed my ePortfolio to see what PDPs I have, and what I still need. As I reviewed the ePortfolio, I realized how important it is for educators to keep a running log of the professional work they do. We are so busy day-in and day-out, that it's easy to forget all that you do to lead your professional work. Therefore, I recommend creating an ePortfolio and adding relevant information related to your goals, professional accomplishments, and other pertinent information on a regular basis.

If you do this, you'll have what you need for evaluation system evidence at your fingertips at the end of the year, you'll also have the information you need for recertification, and if you add a resume, you'll be ready to present or apply for worthy professional opportunities when they arise.

Also as I read through the Massachusetts information, I realized how important it is to target your professional learning at the start of each five-year certification period. Prior to the new period, it's advantageous for educators to think about where they want to develop their practice and professional efforts in the next five years, and then to sketch out a professional learning plan. The more I thought about this, the more I thought that it might be useful for the state to extend their evaluation system process to a five-year process rather than a two-year cycle--this could result in more streamlined professional evaluation efforts and one that helps educators to carefully target their growth in conjunction with the goals related to the role they play in a school or system.

In summary, the cold winter days are good days to organize your professional learning and teaching files, records, and plans. What else would you add to this process?

Note that after tweeting about this, I received the following information from DESE:
They also sent this helpful note: