Saturday, January 27, 2018

Interpreting life's events through numbers

Yesterday the greater math team sat down to discuss Response to Intervention (RTI). We ended up with a large number of intervention groups, and then discussed the kinds of projects we'll use with the groups. We'll use a scaffolded project for several groups, the kind of project that is relevant, meaningful, standards-based, and engaging for students.

I've thought a lot about what that project might be and have come up with the following elements:
  • Focus on the upcoming Winter Olympics (Thanks to our student teacher for that idea).
  • Focus on using numbers to compare the Olympics to children's experiences and knowledge--this will build understanding.
  • Using number to complete Olympic trivia cards.
  • Creating a board game based on the trivia cards and the Winter Olympics
  • Playing the board game with family members and friends to build math knowledge as well as knowledge of the Olympics.
We'll have students work with partners and small groups on the project, and the scaffolding will lead students through a number of steps including the following:
  • Trivia cards related to addition of whole numbers and decimals
  • Trivia cards related to multiplication of whole numbers and decimals
  • Trivia cards related to division of whole numbers and deccimals
  • Creation of the game board, pieces, and rules.
  • Playing the game with the team and refining the game
  • Playing the game with another team
  • Bringing the game home to play with family members and others. 
This will build math skill and give students good context with which to enjoy the Olympics in the weeks to come.