Friday, January 26, 2018

Too many typos

My thoughts move like water through a rocky brook. And in that movement from mind to paper, there are times when I skip a word, misspell, or miss an incorrect autocorrect. I apologize as I do value accuracy, and there will come a day in the future when I have greater time for accuracy. But for now, I'm satisfied with doing my best since I have a busy schedule and it's important to get these thoughts down.

In years there will come a time when these ideas age, deepen, and better, and that will be a time when there is more time, time to not rush and to edit with ease. I can see that time emerging and have a sense of what it will be like. I'm not exactly sure what words will take priority at that time. Recently a child remarked, "I like your stories," which made me think that perhaps all those childhood and life stories will find their way to a book or magazine someday. We'll see.

So I'll continue my process of writing, quickly editing, reviewing later and perhaps editing some more, and giving myself some freedom to err now and then during this formulation time. I'm not sure why there's such an urgency to get all these thoughts down, but I'm choosing to trust my instincts in this regard, my reading, research, and thought leads me to this conclusion. Onward.