Saturday, January 27, 2018

Supports that matter

Educators are pulled in many directions. This complexity requires that educators choose carefully how they use their time and what they do.

Systems include paths of great support and paths of less support. Educators naturally lean in the direction of more support than less, and for every educator those directions will differ depending on their professional needs and expectations.

Paths that I reach for at this time include the following:
  • I reach out towards educators online and off who do the research and have updated knowledge. I want to learn from them, and apply what I learn to better my work. 
  • I reach out towards programs and pedagogy that clearly have a positive affect on student learning and engagement.
  • I reach out towards learning environments that children speak highly of and demonstrate happy engagement in.
  • I reach out to programs and support that parents speak highly of with regard to student happiness and success. 
  • I reach out to educators who will help me to teach the children well with skilled time-on-task efforts.
  • I reach out to support that listens carefully and demonstrates a deep desire to support programs, pedagogy, and professional learning that lead to better teaching/learning programs. 
I tend to push away from programs, ideas, and support that is complex to access and results in little gain with regard to student support, service, and growth. 

Our time is precious as educators. There is always more that we can do so we have to be thoughtful about how, where, and with whom we collaborate with in order to practice teaching and learning well. Onward.