Sunday, December 31, 2017

Too Much Curriculum

Our system has the unique issue of too-much curriculum. There's more expectations than time to fulfill those expectations. Hence we have to continually revisit what we do, why we do it, and make some tough decisions related to priorities.

The state tests are clearly a priority. It's one of the only measures that we spend a lot of time talking about and using to forward our programs. Hence, it's a priority to meet the standards that enable us to do well on those tests. I have a clear outline of how to do that, and make that a priority. Rather than "teaching to the test" though I do my best to make this learning engaging, student-centered, and varied to meet the multiple learners in my midst.

Another priority is STEAM teaching and learning. We have a good schedule of fine projects in this arena, and truly it's the students' past learning that is motivating this priority. Students LOVE STEAM learning and they beg for it.

Further we have a healthy social competency learning focus and activities. Students mainly look forward to this learning too. They like to build the community and they appreciate the abilities they gain that make it easier and more successful to work with one another, lead their learning/living, and solve problems.

Service learning is a strong value and activity at our school too.

There's many ways that we can continue to grow our curriculum efforts, but we have to do this with care since just adding more doesn't work--instead we need to look at how we design and embed the curriculum focus in ways that matter, meaningful ways that make a positive difference in children's lives.