Monday, October 23, 2017

Working for the Same Goals

Is the team working for the same goals?

First, how do we determine our goals? Is it an inclusive, transparent, data-informed, meaningful process?

Next, are the goals visible? What is most important to the team? How do we use signage as a way to remember and work towards the goals? What language is most important to our collective goals?

Then, what processes including communication are we using to reach those goals? Are the processes visible with the end-goals in sight?

And, do we stop now and then to reflect, revise, and redirect together? How do we assess our efforts towards meeting our goals, and how do we help each other in this effort?

Without a good, transparent, and inclusive goal setting process, it's unlikely that rich, deep goals will be met by teams of teachers, administrators, family members, students, and the community.

What are you doing now that meets this call, and what else can you do to better effect this process? I'm interested.