Monday, October 23, 2017

How Do We Best Coordinate Our Services for Students?

When multiple educators work with students, how do we best coordinate our efforts? This week our team will discuss this, and in the meantime, I'll be thinking about it.

First, obviously, we have to meet to discuss objectives, efforts, and next steps. This begs the questions: How often do we meet? When? Where? How many? And, what's the process? Many years ago, I attended a meeting at Google where it was discussed that good decision making requires about 4-5 people. This makes me wonder if some of our decision making groups are too large for good process--something to think about.

Next, we have to think about how we maximize our efforts? When is it best to "divide and conquer" and when is it best to teach together?

Further, we have to decide who does what? It's important that everyone contribute in ways that matter so what will that contribution look like with regard to communication, time-on-task with students, timeliness, planning, assessment, analysis, and more.

In busy schools, it's best if we can create patterns of service as patterns are easier to follow and assure that we hit the marks we've targeted for effective teaching and learning.

I wonder where our meeting will take us.