Sunday, October 22, 2017

Using Google Forms for Unit Assessments

There are many advantages to using Google Forms in conjunction with paper tests for unit assessments.

Originally a year or so ago, I thought of replacing the paper tests with Google forms, but the drawback of that is that you can't really see students' work effectively. The paper copy allows you the opportunity to really look at how a child solved a problem or completed a calculation. On the other hand the Google form allows you to look at the data from the tests with greater scrutiny in the following ways:
  • The form grades the test so you can quickly see how students scored.
  • The form translates into a Google spreadsheet so you can quickly sort each question to discover common errors, trends related to the teaching, and areas for change in instruction, practice, or review.
  • The results are easy to share with colleagues and others.
  • It saves time.
  • When used for student practice and review, the Google form can be set to provide quick feedback and also provide the teacher with ready homework results.
Essentially using a Google form with a paper copy of an assessment is a good way to get more efficient and deeper data results related to unit assessments. This is one way for teachers to use their time more effectively.

I tried Google form in this capacity years ago and it was very elementary and clunky. Google forms have improved a lot, and it's a great time-saving, depth-producing, instruction-informing, test-friendly tool for teachers today. I recommend you play with it.