Sunday, October 22, 2017

Building a Math Program: What Works?

As a critical thinker, I am always looking for better. As our math program continues to develop over time, I have found myself critical of many of the directions chosen. Yet when things go right, I often don't take the time to write about it. So in this post, I'll list a number of efforts that are positive with our collaborative math program development:
  • There is ongoing dialogue about what we teach and how we teach as we assess each assessment and list of activities.
  • There is ongoing dialogue as we create RTI groups and review unit assessments.
  • There is continued debate and discussion.
  • There is a shared Google document of lesson ideas, assessments, standards, vocabulary, and other information that helps all of us to teach the grade-level standards. 
This ongoing dialogue whether it be in person or online is positive as it grows everyone's ability to teach the content well. Also the shared resource is helpful as everyone has access to materials that help us to teach the unit.

These are positives with regard to our current teaching/learning approach in math.