Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Dance of Big Picture to Detail Think: This Week's Agenda

After a morning of big-picture think, it's now time to enter the world of details as I plan for the week ahead. Going from big-picture to detail think is like squeezing your brain through a rock crevice, you can feel the squeeze. Nevertheless, I find that the best process is to quickly list next steps after big picture think to stay on track.

So with all those big ideas in mind, and all the details of the week's teaching ahead, I'll follow this list.

Family-Student-Teacher Conferences
This week most of the families and students will meet with fifth grade teachers to discuss the children's education program and goals.
  • Organize conference materials prior to 7:30am start of conferences
  • Copy Xtra-Math parent letters for students who will be using that site to practice facts
  • Prep by reviewing student portfolio, parent surveys, and other data points.
  • At conferences meet family members, invite student to lead his/her conference by highlighting their best work.
  • Ask family members if they have any questions or information to share
  • Review and discuss student stats and goals with student and families
  • Invite parents to have a few minutes alone with the teacher if desired
  • Follow up by adding notes about the conference in student-information binder
Place Value Unit
We'll continue our efforts to teach this unit step-by-step

Facts and Skills Study and Practice
I'll announce to students who made facts level moves, and introduce the practice that's been created for each student. 

RTI Reading Group
Remind students to do their assignment before our meeting on Tuesday. Give students the DAZE on Tuesday.

Independent Reading
Provide students with time to independently read and use that time for individual student coaching and catch-up.

Math RTI
Focus Math RTI this week on TenMarks Place Value efforts.

Math Tech
Focus this week's Wednesday's Math Tech on having students work with similar-ability partners to take a math practice test together to build skill and test taking ability. 

Goals Meeting
Meet with the principal to discuss the school year goals and my own evaluation cycle and efforts. 

Administrative Tasks
Provide parents with handbook sign-off sheet and purple sheet for completion at conferences. Complete, if time, reimbursement forms and field trip check request forms. Also complete field trip and expert visitor contracts, phone calls, and research. Complete permission forms for personal/professional days. 

Professional Learning
Continue to prep the "Reflect for Success" presentation for the MTA New Teacher Conference on November 4th.