Sunday, October 15, 2017

Let Them Lead

I sat back and watched a leader lead.

I thought about how I might do it differently, yet the objective of the event had little to do with my current work or objectives. To get involved in a discussion about the process, objective, or event would only serve to derail my priorities. The leader's efforts were not doing anyone substantial harm, in fact it was clear to see that some were responding well to the process and focus. I continued to watch and had little to say.

No one can be all things or know all. There are countless directions to travel in today's world. This is the reason why I support greater focus on systems and processes rather than individuals these days. When systems and processes are working well with good communication, a lot of decisions are left up to individuals who are well suited for the leadership roles they play.

I want to think more about this, but for now, it helps me to direct my own work and effort to the objectives I've prioritized so that I can lead those efforts well without interruption from entanglement in objectives that don't connect or affect where I'm headed. Onward.