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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Making MindWays: SRSD Math

Yesterday I worked Leslie Laud from thinkSRSD to analyze math problem solving with the SRSD (self regulation strategy development) approach. Essentially we were looking at ways to coach students with regard to creating positive problem solving patterns, paths, or mindways.

I thought a lot about the work this morning.

I thought about the strategy roll out:

Then I thought about the details of the POW/TIDE SRSD acronyms:

After that, I imagined what a child's mind might experience as he/she utilizes these approaches:

I was reminded of how well these strategies fit with the strategy of unpacking the standards:

Of course, the SMPs come to mind:

And the ways that this fits well with the Math Workshop approach, an approach that lends itself to personalization, differentiation, and blended learning: