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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Life is a Garden

My favorite farmer.
Maybe it's because I live with a farmer, but lately life seems more like a garden than anything else.

We plant the seeds of activities, relationships, skills, professional work, and more, and watch them grow in our lives.

We tend the efforts we want to see bloom and prosper, and we accept the fact that some plants, no matter how much we care for them, die and wither.

There are surprises too. Seeds that blow in and  and bloom unexpectedly often lead us to new action and thought.

And there's the value of time and commitment, you do reap what you sow.

As I ponder this metaphor, I'm thinking about the summer garden--more of a wildflower garden than the school garden which is full of perennials.

Which colorful blooms will I prune and what weeds will I pull? What plants will nurture my family, professional work, and pleasures in life? What work supports the garden's strength and longevity?

Seems like the study of math is taking hold as well as learning to learn habits and mindsets. Family is a big priority this summer too. There's a bit of spice as well.

Time to tend the tender roots and blooms now as I continue to think about how this metaphor will help me deepen the path to good work and living.