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Saturday, September 02, 2017

School Year Efforts Outlined

Every new school year brings a host of new efforts, and to organize those efforts well is to be prepared and do a good job. So here's the list I'll follow.

Teaching Well
My main emphasis is to teach well, and that's a day-to-day effort of preparation, teaching, and response. I'm invested in that routine, and have countless resources with which to do my work.

New Science Unit
I have a big new science unit to learn about and teach. I have all the materials, and now it's a matter of finding the time to read and prepare which I'll do in the days ahead.

STEAM Projects
We have a number of engaging STEAM projects which I'll introduce as time allows throughout the year. Some of these projects might be a terrific way to bridge summer fun to the school year routine.

Special Events
We have a number of special events planned, and each requires some extra research and planning. Those events to date include the Hello Project, Hosting Conversations with Students, Global Cardboard Math Challenge, and In the Heights prep and teaching.

Reflect for Success
I'll be making a presentation on this topic in November, so I have some prep work to do in this regard.

Heart-Healthy Classroom Routines
I want to find lots of ways to make our classroom a healthy classroom, and will be thinking about this.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
I also want to continue to reduce plastics, and work on recycling, reuse, and other Earth-friendly activities in the days ahead with students and on my own.

Brain-Friendly Teaching and Learning
The class special educator and I will learn more about brain-friendly teaching/learning, and apply that to the work we do together to teach all students in the class.

Local Union Efforts
We'll review and update our bylaws, and work together to support/build the schools that students, families, and teachers deserve.

Advocacy for Betterment
I want to continue to work for better schools, and with that I will focus my advocacy in the following areas:
  • Advocating for richer, deeper, and better tech use at school.
  • Advocating for greater distributive leadership for the school system.
  • Advocating for and working towards more teachers to become nationally certified in conjunction with my work at our State union.
  • Advocating for greater transparency, good process, organization, and inclusion in education near and far.
I will find ways to better my understanding and ability to advocate as well.

This, for now, is the mainstay of the year's efforts. Onward.