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Saturday, September 02, 2017

First Day of School

I haven't changed when it comes to my excitement about the first days of schools. I really look forward to meeting all the new children, and learning all about them. I also look forward to the learning experiences we'll share throughout the year. I know I'll learn as much as they do, and I love to learn.

On the first day, I'll stand by the door and greet each student. I'll ask them to find their desk, organize their supplies, create a name tag, and then make a word find of all the students' names in the class. Later we'll exchange those word finds as one way to recognize and spell each others' names.

We'll move to attendance. I'll attempt to say each child's name and let them help me out. I'll ask each child to share their favorite number from one to ten as I learn their names, and we'll make a simple line plot of those favorite numbers.

After that we'll get up and move a bit as we play a game to get to know each other. We'll talk about hallway expectations, and move on to art class.

After art class, it will be recess. Just before we go out, students will have a chance to eat their snacks (I'll have some extras on-hand--probably some apples from the orchard). I'll introduce the playground rules, play options and playground balls and toy bin for the classroom. If it's indoor recess, I'll share the choices and rules for indoor recess. After that, we'll take out the computers and work on the selfie projects. I'll give a quick intro to the computers, digital citizenship, and the project itself, and then students will get to work.

Then it will be time for lunch, and after that, read aloud. I will start the year with a book I'm excited about--I haven't made the decision about which book will lead the way, but I know a great book is a great way to create class connections.

Following read aloud, students have another recess, and then, I'll give students a chance to write me a letter about what they want me to know about them. I'll explain that this is a quiet learning time, and there should be little to no talking. After they write, they'll have some time to curl up and read. I have a nice collection of books in the room which I'll introduce to the students as well. I'll also introduce the cozy chair system so everyone gets a chance to sit in one of the many cozy chairs in the classroom.

Finally, we'll meet and get ready for dismissal. I'll pass out all the notices for parents as well as a simple homework assignment, and we'll review dismissal procedures. I hope the day is as nice as this one--a perfect, crispy, almost-fall day. Onward.