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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Dealing with a disrespectful president

Most people are reasonable.

Even if they are disrespectful from time to time, they earnestly work to right their ways, get along, and demonstrate respect.

At lunch with a friend today, we both agreed that though we were very disappointed with the results of the presidential election, we were willing to give Trump a chance. After all he won the election.

I noted that even his acceptance speech in the wee hours in the morning after the election gave me hope that although he ran a nasty election, he might right his ways, elevate his actions, and serve the American people.

But again and again, he has proved me wrong as he continues to tweet angry outbursts, obsessive anti-media comments, untruths, name calling, and even what seems to be leaks of private information.

President Trump is a disrespectful president, a president who does not regard many Americans with empathy, care, respect, or worth.

This is so disconcerting and has provided troubling leadership for our country.

How do we deal with this level of disrespect?

For starters, I have to admit that his shining example of disrespect, is, in contrast, heightening my levels of respect. It's so clear how his narrow vision harms so many, and I don't want to be an individual who does the same.

Then, his disrespect has caused me to do a lot of reading and research as I try to understand the laws hoping that I'll find some that will disarm this President and make him and his cronies step down.

Further, I'm curious about the reports of illegal efforts our President may have been involved in. What is true and what is not true? Is it true that he's illegally used his business and financial affairs to heighten his wealth and bring despair to others? I don't know, but there's enough stories floating around about that to make one believe there's likely some truth to these tales.

I wonder how our country will move up and out of this situation--who will come to the country's rescue? What bright, informed, and powerful people will stand up to this disrespect and seemingly misuse of power? How will this troubling story continue?

Perhaps I am all wrong. Perhaps his use of angry outbursts, mean name-calling, lack of empathy, and what appears to be cronyism and unethical business practices will prove to be the best thing that ever happened to America. Maybe his will to misuse natural resources, turn a blind eye towards climate issues, make fun of women, and praise world leaders known for human rights violations will result in a better world? And, it's possible that he does know it all and doesn't need to consult experts in diplomacy, international affairs, education, health care, climate, and diversity to make good decisions--he may be a savant who has all this knowledge stored away, and is using untraditional ways to share his wisdom with the world.

I'm an average person, no different from any person living in any country in the world who works to live well and do well by others. I'm not perfect and don't make the right choices all the time, but something seems really wrong in our government today. There's seems to be a great lack of honest, empathetic, and forward-reaching leadership. There's seems to be a lack of courage, wisdom, and knowledge, and there appears to be too much greed, selfishness, and unwillingness to do what's right for our big, diverse country.

Some are standing up. Some are working towards betterment. Some are making their voices heard in ways that matter. I honor their efforts. I look to their leadership during these troubling times.

There's something amiss in the United States today, something troubling at hand. How will we deal with this situation on our own and with others? I'm thinking about this.