Tuesday, August 08, 2017

What can the average American do to gain better leadership for our country?

I am so saddened and frustrated to have a disrespectful President leading the United States. I am so proud of our country, its people, and beautiful land, rivers, lakes, and seas. And I know that the we are not alone with these elements to be proud of since the world is filled with wonderful countries, geography, and people. I wish for a President who works towards greater global partnerships and collaboration to forward the good that our world and its people are capable of.

I am disappointed and worried about President Trump first because he is so rude to so many people. He doesn't even follow the simple rules that are widely accepted in elementary schools throughout the country. Rules like tell the truth, don't call people names, solve your problems with respectful debate and discussion, and work together. Instead he continually name calls, says whatever he wants whether it is true or not, bullies, makes fun of people, and is unwilling to work with others to solve the complex problems our country and world face.

I am concerned about a leader of the country who demonstrates little to no empathy or care about the American people. He talks a big game, but does little to support his speech, and his "big game" does not take into account the great institutions, resources, and potential our country holds. Instead of forward-moving speech, his ideas are all about going back in time to a world that no longer exists. Instead, I wish he'd talk about creating more jobs in clean energy, protecting our natural resources, inventions that support humanity, regulations that maintain opportunity for all all, policies that maximize potential, and development of existing public schools and affordable health care.

I can't believe that people still believe in President Trump. I imagine that they think his tough, seemingly prejudicial ways, are the only way to make more money and earn more power. I don't agree. I believe that success will be found in leadership that respects individual rights, cultural/religious diversity, and efforts to elevate the collective good. I don't think that some have to succeed on the backs of others, but instead through good government and collaboration, we can forward all Americans towards life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With greater use of our imaginations, expertise, and camaraderie, I believe we can be innovative in ways that matter, not ways, as Trump leads, that depress, demean, and demoralize so many.

I'm not exactly sure how average people like me can work to rid our country of disrespectful, undisciplined, and uncaring leaders like President Trump. I am reading what I can, listening to all sides, and speaking up to the best of my ability to try to help people see that we deserve better leadership and that our country holds great promise and potential for betterment. We don't have to embrace visions of past times, old businesses, machoism, and the idea that only some can succeed and are worthy, but instead move ahead towards embracing our wonderful diversity, forwarding our valued and valuable institutions, increasing service towards one another, elevating the arts, building strong communities, regulating the tools/businesses that have potential to oppress, harm and/or hurt us, and protecting our terrific natural resources.

I have never so clearly witnessed a time in the United States when what we value with respect to freedom and care for one another has been so challenged by the President--a President who acts more like a king wishing to promote his worldwide dynasty. This is very troubling.

What do you think we can do to gain better leadership for our country? What are you doing on your own and with others? What is holding people back from taking the important steps to right our country in a positive direction? I'm listening.