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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Avoiding Nuclear Disaster: Peace Matters

The world's people need to work towards protection of life by eradicating violence and harm in every way possible.

It's worth spending money, sharing wealth and opportunity, and working together with friend and foe to limit harm to innocent people throughout the world.

When we work together to uplift human dignity and life, we work for what is good and right.

Grandstanding, power displays, angry words, and disrespect only serve to deepen wounds, strengthen anger, halt collaboration, obstruct positive potential, and lead us down rather than up.

I don't like the news of nuclear threats. I don't like the insensitivity that some display in light of this. It's important for Americans and peoples around the world to seek ways to work together towards peace and protect life for all people, particularly young children of the world. This matters.