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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Falling down the Trump rabbit hole

You wake up.

You read the news and take a look at Trump's latest tweets.

It can't be true, you think and do a little research.

It's worse than you imagine; much more tangled and disheartening.

You reach out on Twitter and other social media to see if you actually read the words right, researched correctly. You ask friends, and even read tweets of his supporters.

The discouragement deepens. There's nothing positive--it's one worrisome tweet after another, nothing uplifting, empowering, engaging, forward moving. Instead it's old think, obstruction, machoism, name-calling, bullying, mistruths.

The more you read, the deeper you fall and the darker it gets.

I guess you have to take days off from the Trump rabbit hole or else you'll find that you won't be able to climb up and out of it.

It's a discouraging time in American leadership. The leaders who are standing up for right and good are working around the clock. The protestors and advocates are working hard too. I didn't expect to face a time like this in America. I've been discouraged before, but never has it been a dark tunnel like this one.