Monday, July 31, 2017

Visualize the School Year Ahead

Visualization is a good process to use as you prepare for the school year ahead. When using visualization, what do you imagine. Here are my expectations.

Pre-school year grade-level team meetings
Our team collects ideas, links and a to-do list on a shared Google document. We'll likely move from one item to another as we make countless decisions to prepare for and plan the teaching year ahead.

Room set up
I'll spend one long day setting up the room to make it a welcoming, comfortable and organized learning environment for students.

Pre-school system and school meetings
We have a couple of days ahead of the students' start to come together to ready for the year. It's likely that administrators will share a host of goals and vision for the year ahead. We'll integrate that vision into our school year plans to meet systemwide obligations as well as our own plans.

Students' first day
We'll review names, supply lists, seating choices, schedules and routines. We'll have some fun too with team building activities and the selfie project.

Curriculum Night
During the first week of school we'll meet with family members to introduce the fifth grade program and entertain parent questions.

What will the first days of the school year be like in your teaching/learning environment? Visualization is a good way to start.