Monday, July 31, 2017

Respond to trouble sooner than later

Too often we stand back when we suspect trouble will occur. We may be afraid to speak up, not trust our instincts and think that troubling situations will right themselves. Yet typically when we suspect trouble, trouble will occur so it's best to stand up and speak up sooner than later to right the situation.

We have to help one another in this regard with honesty too. We won't always know or do what is best as we act with the best of our knowledge and ability and at times that's not enough particularly if a situation is new to us or we're, perhaps, blinded by allegiance to ideals, people or efforts that actually support troubling circumstances.

We see this often when parents have a child with troubles. It is so difficult to see your own child's troubles or challenges as you love your children so much, it's troubling to see their shortfalls. The same is true with ourselves--it sometimes takes others to help us see our own challenges as humbling as that may be.

When we meet challenge early on, we save everyone the trouble of big problems and troubles. Rather than incite greater challenge, when issues present themselves we can act right away with collaboration and positive process to remedy the situation.

We have to trust our instincts with regard to troubles, and we also have to trust our faithful friends, relatives and colleagues to help us right our road when the path becomes unclear or troubled. If we respond positively to trouble sooner or later, we'll forward the good work possible and avoid the bigger troubles that may occur.

Of course life will never be trouble free as that's part of the human condition, but as much as possible we don't have to add to the troubles that may naturally and unknowingly occur. Onward.