Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Power of Collective Action

As I learn about how to support and forward good teaching at the MTA Summer Conference, I'm struck by the positive power of collective action. I also wonder why we are reticent to get involved in this kind of work to better living for ourselves and others. Why do we put up with inequity and ineptitude when we can advocate for greater equality and skill when it comes to good living.

Why aren't Americans lobbying for fair tax laws where every American pays his/her share related to the income they make. When a few have wealth equal to a large percentage of Americans it points to the need for greater equity and opportunity in order to build a better country.

This kind of collective action on a large scale takes talent, but on smaller scales we can begin to work with friends, relatives, colleagues and others to build the kinds of organizations and communities we want--schools, social services and businesses that care about those who belong to the organization and those the organization serves.

In the days ahead I'll work to better understand the metrics that underlie the work we do to see where we are spending time, money and skill well, and where there's opportunity for positive change to do better. It's important to understand the economics that make up the organizations in which we work and contribute. I'll also look for ways to work with colleagues and others to forward the good work possible for the families and children we serve.