Monday, July 31, 2017

Trump Times: Good Effort and Energy Thwarted

President Trump's drama is taking up a lot of good energy and time from political leaders and others who want to do what's right and good for our country. His countless tweets, ridicule and angry rants are getting in the way of good diplomacy, collaboration and development. Rather than work with the many well-directed, intelligent individuals that exist, he incites conflict and confusion. As so many articles like this one suggest, he may be a threat to the American people.

What are Americans to do?

Our United States Senate and House of Representatives are tasked with a great challenge, and that's how to right our country in a time where the executive branch is not doing its part, but instead creating undue havoc. (When has there been a time before when the President of the United States supports police brutality?)

The United States Congress has to appoint a bi-partisan commission to research the potential for impeachment. This, in my opinion, should happen sooner than later. This Impeachment Commission needs to enlist the support of the best lawyers in our country as they figure out if President Trump is the threat he appears to be. As they research, they can look carefully at the following behaviors:
  • public humiliation of his cabinet members and other political leaders through bullying tactics such as name calling, untruths and other acts.
  • inciting violence as he did with his recent comments to law officers
  • possible collusion with foreign countries and/or attempts to obstruct vital investigations related to Mueller's investigation 
  • lack of diplomatic awareness, respect or strategy with regard to our international relations
  • cronyism where relationship trumps the law/protocols with regard to his many family members that are involved in the nation's specific and delicate international and national efforts
  • sharing of important information via Twitter in sensational, and seemingly dangerous, soundbites
  • what seems like potential illness at play and perhaps the need for a complete physical exam to see if the President has the physical and mental health to do the job. I believe that any person thought to be a threat to self or others can be committed for this kind of medical check-up
I'm sure that the bright minds of the American people who are so much better versed in the law and Trump's antics than me can come up with a much better list of reasons why this President may be a threat to our country, and what needs to be investigated sooner or later with potential impeachment proceedings or at least some restrictions about what he can and cannot do at this time as POTUS.

I don't want our political leaders to sit back at this time, but instead move forward to truly understand what's happening and if impeachment proceedings should begin. I know that good Congressmen and Congresswomen have been working overtime during Trump Times. He has at least doubled their jobs in short time with so much work that could have been avoided if we had a President who truly demonstrated an awareness of government, the law and the potential that good collaboration holds for developing our country rather than challenging it.

I hope others, much more informed than me, will begin to stand up and cry out for a stop to the lack of respect for our nation's laws and people President Trump is demonstrating. As the article I linked tells, this is not a reality show, but instead real life for all the hard working individuals who deserve dignity, respect and leaders who take the job seriously. Do you agree?